• A Broken Heart

    Many parts to my broken heart,
    from the day when it fell apart.
    My whole world came crashing down,
    but its fell with out a sound.... more »

  • A Cut To Deep

    Out of my cut the blood will creap
    on my knees I begin to weap
    watchin the blood fall over my arm
    washing away all the harm... more »

  • A Dream

    Stood on the side lines,
    watching life pass me by.
    Then you walked on past,
    and really caught my eye.... more »

  • A Message

    If your life was about to end,
    what sort of message would you send?
    Would it be of heaven, the place to be?
    Or would it be of love for people to see?... more »

  • A Moment Of Passion

    A moment of passion so easily shared,
    with no fear or regret.
    The memories flood through my mind,
    a moment of passion I'll never forget.... more »

  • Am I Ready

    Not sure on where this is going,
    or if I want to go there,
    but to by buy your side,
    this I know, I swear.... more »

  • An Angel Cries

    Isn't is sad when an angel cries?
    Small pearl drops fall from the skies,
    holy water flows in tears,
    human burdens their only fears.... more »

  • Answers

    Upon these shores that I dwell,
    Watching the waves crash and swell,
    searching for answers to questions in mind,
    explain them to me, if you'd be so kind.... more »

  • Around

    Tossing and turning,
    around in my bed.
    Thinking things over,
    around in my head.... more »

  • Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust

    From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust.
    You'll rise again, in this I'll trust.
    You're in our hearts, 'till the end.
    We will meet again, depart my friend.... more »

  • Blade

    I see a blade upon the floor,
    I pick it up to use some more.
    This blood stained blade is mine again,
    It's simply now just a question of when.... more »

  • Broken

    To push myself up, I'll break from the inside.
    I've been dead for so long, I'll rise again.
    I cant do it on my own, I've got your hand.
    I wont give in, I wont lay down and die.... more »

  • Burdens

    Let me take some of your pain,
    a tortued soul I will remain,
    the hope of a glimpse of a smile,
    I know the pain will be worth while.... more »

  • But

    Tears of joy that stream down your face,
    takes me away to a happy place,
    to see you happy is a dream of mine,
    I'd even put mylife on the line.... more »

  • Cleansing

    Standing on this hill top,
    in the pouring rain.
    Cleansing out my system,
    so I feel no pain.... more »

  • Colours Of Love

    Red is the rose, just for you
    Eleven to hold, one for the heart too.

    Blue is the air, we call it the skys,... more »

  • Dark

    Listen, this silence is deafening,
    locked away in this darkened room.
    Alone with these walls of despair,
    deep shadows cast byt he moon.... more »

  • Darkest Fear

    We all have a darkest fear,
    that makes us all shed a tear.
    It will linger deep inside,
    and find a place for it to hide.... more »

  • Day Of Reckoning

    This pain consumes me;
    Its eating me alive!
    The day of reckoning is upon me;
    I'm sure I'll survive!... more »

  • Down & Beat

    With time that passes me by,
    a tear drops from my eye.
    I thought things got easier with age,
    so why is it I only feel rage?... more »

  • Dream

    I think about you everyday,
    your in my thoughts and dreams.
    But these words I cant say,
    is ripping me at the seams.... more »

  • End

    I now fear the worst,
    I can almost see the hearse,
    I know whats to become,
    my life has become undone.... more »

  • Enjoy The Read

    If I write a poem on love,
    in love I may not be.
    If I write a poem on hate,
    I may not actually hate them.... more »

  • Everyday

    Everyday that goes past,
    I fall even more in love with you.
    I only hope that it will last,
    no longer do I hold on what I used too.... more »

  • Fear

    I've had a dream of a razor blade,
    and all the mess with my blood,
    I could tell you what I've done,
    but first my debdts to be repaid.... more »