• Thorn In My Heart

    A thorn covered in blood,
    or was I just misunderstood?
    I gave you my heart,
    but you mislead from the start!... more »

  • Tired Of Waiting

    I'm so tired of waiting for you,
    is there anything else I can do,
    to help you feel right,
    from the morning untill the end of the night.... more »

  • Tomorrow

    I offer you my hand,
    to pull you to your feet.
    You pull yourself closer,
    our lips about to meet.... more »

  • True Beauty

    The breeze that pushes gently past,
    as we stand here together,
    wanting this moment to last,
    dreaming of it forever.... more »

  • Unable

    Trying to fly with these broken wings,
    unable to get off the ground.
    Suffering within self pitty,
    unable to mutter a sound.... more »

  • Understand

    This blood running though me,
    has been spilt many times before,
    it's gone just about everywhere,
    even stained my bedroom floor.... more »

  • Voices

    I keep telling myself,
    not to hurt myself over you.
    As deep in my mind,
    its the wrong thing to do.... more »

  • Wait

    You walk in, hand in hand,
    breathless, I can hardly stand.
    Pure beauty to my eyes,
    like an angel from the skies.... more »

  • Wait And See

    With nothing left to lose,
    and everything to find,
    I ponder on these thoughts,
    I cant get out of my mind.... more »

  • Weakness

    You are my weakness I'll confess,
    you put my mind in such a mess.
    Just when I thought I wasnt weak,
    a hole to fill I now do seek.... more »

  • Wish

    There was once a time,
    when you was mine.
    The future was so bright,
    and everything felt so right.... more »

  • Within

    there is beauty in all of us
    its a shame we dont all see
    life has many chapters
    its just no the cover you see... more »

  • Without You

    This is a poem just for you,
    beacuse without you I feel blue.
    It's just to say how wonderful you are,
    and your the best in the world by far.... more »

  • Write Things

    Why are things wrote they are?
    Are they dreams upon a star?
    Is it a story of a good deed?
    Like the hungry we should feed!... more »

  • You And Me

    Take me, for who I am
    don't change me, from who i want to be
    I can make it, I know I can!
    Even if it means there is no we.... more »

  • Your Pain

    Forlorn of all hope,
    lost in this godforsaken world.
    These desolated streets; that I walk.
    Left with satans minions, That I talk.... more »