KC Kevin Cowdall 02/02/1959

Kevin Cowdall was born in Liverpool, England; where he still lives and works. He developed an interest in writing at an early age and his first published poem appeared, appropriately, in the influential UK publication, ‘First Time’. In all, nearly 200 poems have been published to date in magazines, journals and anthologies, and on web sites, in the UK and across Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and the USA, and broadcast on local and regional BBC Radio.

He has released three previous poetry collections; ‘The Reflective Image’, ‘Monochrome Leaves’ and ‘A Walk in the Park’. His 2016 collection, ‘Assorted Bric-a-brac’ (bringing together the best from these previous collections with a selection of more recent poems) , has been very well received and had excellent reviews and is available from the Kindle Store on Amazon.

His new collection, ‘Natural Inclinations’, comprises 50 poems with a common theme of various elements of Nature / the natural world.

Kevin is also the author of the novella, ‘Paper Gods and Iron Men’, available from the Kindle Store on Amazon.


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Writers are the Custodians of Endless Possibilities.
Kevin Cowdall
Falling down is all part of growing up. Just keep moving forward and you'll get there.
Kevin Cowdall
There is no such thing as an unemployed writer - only an unemployed mind.
Kevin Cowdall

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