• A Gadget Man

    Here's an old story of the gadget man
    he came like a storm, wonders in hand
    it all happened in a smoke and flash
    the marigold stranger, eyes hid under cap... more »

  • A Southern Marriage

    From across the river, in the low country
    to the warm embrace of southern hospitality
    they all came, the rich and the farmers
    the in, the out, the sons and the daughters... more »

  • Building The Perfect House

    One day a bunch of people got together
    a thinker, a dreamer, a lover, and a plumber
    a thinker to explain complex schemes
    a dreamer to do nothing but dream... more »

  • Chain Letter

    I decided one day to send out a note
    'To each his own', I wrote
    not expecting much of anything
    but what I got back surprised me... more »

  • Coffee Shop

    A date planned well beforehand
    waiting for the right advance
    she would sit and wait patiently
    slowly stirring a cup of tea... more »

  • Flower, Please

    Can you sell me that flower, please
    I'm trying to impress
    a certain lady-friend putting my love
    to the test... more »

  • Forgotten Ship

    A wind tossed ship lost at sea
    heavy tempest blowing mighty
    even that harbor light
    which shines so bright... more »

  • Going Back Home

    I thought I couldn't go back again
    remembering forgotten things
    saying unsaid things
    desires years ago I blame... more »

  • Goodbye Letter

    Hello sweet love, I must say goodbye
    I leave you with a heavy sigh
    and in the way a flower blooms
    so it is there must be room... more »

  • Heaven's Wonders

    When I set out for Heaven's wonders
    I couldn't at first toss asunder
    all my misconceived beliefs
    thus began a fitful dream... more »

  • Honey Biscuits And Gravy

    My wife and I sat down one day
    to honey biscuits and gravy
    and when the last of it was on my plate
    what did she say to me... more »

  • Into The Touch

    As life makes its march by
    I lose myself in a child's smile
    at least for a little while
    it all seems so clear now... more »

  • No Message At All - Or, An Alliterative Tale

    Rat a tat tat - the king he did sat
    zing a sing ring - the servant he did bring
    zoom a loom goon - a message from someone
    saying look at all the king's... more »

  • Paradise Fields

    Can the naive ask, can a child question
    when led quietly in the schools
    things to many by only a few
    silent exchange for the gold of fools... more »

  • Sitting, Hearing Stories

    Just as that boy long ago listening to stories
    sometimes we have to look back at our memories
    I remember it like it was yesterday to me
    sitting, hearing stories on my grandfather's knee... more »

  • The Bear

    Lumbering slowly through the woods
    urged on by a sound so foreign and alien
    all other sounds are serene by comparison
    fostering feelings of apprehension... more »

  • The Journal

    Alpine expanse, green all around never ending
    Clear horizon, the sky blue as can be seen
    for miles and miles
    Natural habitat, the natives undisturbed and living... more »

  • The Ordinary Life Of B. Gordon

    The life of B. Gordon is a sad one
    not a glad one
    eyes of imagination won't see his dilemna
    Light on his face is not a bright sun,... more »

  • Topic Of Conversation

    Who goes climbing over my fence
    a neighbor boy, not past ten
    I want no one here, save me
    to be left alone I want to be... more »

  • Train To Anywhere

    Walking down that dark, winding path
    I heard a train echoing in the night
    and curious, I stopped and waited
    for nothing this hour had ever passed by... more »

  • Unknown Slave

    Our destiny is before us, my friend
    It is........like the unseen wind that blows through the heights
    It is like the icy winter snow
    falling down from the sky... more »

  • Visionary Landscape

    Chlorine dreams, wish they could be seen
    carnal screams, swimming in an ocean of green
    bathing in sweetness, enveloped in coolness!
    I would give my life... more »

  • Watching The Full Moon

    Full moon spirals over my head
    the sky is falling, turning blood red
    the moon rears its face so high
    I worship its constant life... more »