My favorite poets are Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, and EE Cummings. I'm not a big French Renaissance guy, and I love poems about deep human emotions like love and hate. Aside from writing poems and such I love weight lifting, football, music, and hanging out with my girlfriend. On the outside I seem rugged and tough, but I am much deeper than that.


Kevin West Poems

Dreams Of Love

What scares me the most is tomorrow is never a guarentee.
Each day has to be lived like it is our last,
Because that's how it's meant to be.
And as long as these days keep on coming,... more »

Discover The Sea Of Life With Me

A boat is made in a shipyard,
But that's not where its fate remains.
The crashing waves it will overcome,
The terrential storms it will float through;... more »

I Miss Her

Have you ever longed for something
So much
That it hurt?
Like if you walked another step without it, him or her... more »

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