• A Dream Of School Supplies

    I had a dream of school supplies,
    where paperclips could talk;
    where poster paper hung around
    with marking pens and chalk.... more »

  • A Pug Is A Dog

    A pug is a dog
    with a curlicue tail.
    He eats like a hog
    and he snores like a whale.... more »

  • Cancer Poem

    When you're happy or you're blue,
    you can wear it on your head,
    'round the house or in your bed,
    you can wear it in the dark,... more »

  • Her Fellings!

    we all love each other but some pepel
    dont bother and she felt left out
    but she disseid to trow a chair
    behind her her she got angry and... more »

  • Love Poem

    When darkness falls and we're apart
    Can love heal this lonely heart
    I love you dearly that I do
    Sleep is good when dreaming of you... more »

  • My Hert

    my heart longs for u
    my soul dies for u
    my eyes cry for u
    my empty arms reach out for u... more »

  • Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney

    Poor Santa got stuck in our chimney.
    I know it sounds weird, but it's true.
    His feet made it down, but his belly
    was one size too large for the flue.... more »