Khadim Hussain Biography

My name is Khadim Hussain, and have lived in Middlesbrough in the North East of England since 1975.

Worked as an Experimental Assistant in the Research and Development Department of I.C.I, Wilton and has recently written a book ‘Going for a Curry? A Social and Culinary History’ which documents the settlement, development and impact of the ‘Indian’ population in Middlesbrough?

My education was during the early 1970's, and science based, when it was assumed scientist could not write a sentence and those who studied arts subjects could not add 2+2, I like must believed it. I took Creative Writing Courses at the University of Teesside and I think it was the efforts of the tutors Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby helped me to develop the book from a dry history topic to a broader appeal. Since attending the writing course I've started writing plays and poetry, fast gaining reputation as one of the best Asian poets writing in North East English. I sucessfully compeleted MA in Creative Writing at the University of Teeside in 2008..