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I have retired from Government service and am now, at 63, enjoying a fully retired life. Besides reading and freelance writing, I am also engaged with some social works here and there. I enjoy reading poetry more than I like writing. I have written poems in my vernacular Bangla quite a few in my younger days, and now, for the last five/six years I have been writing poems in English too. English not being my mother tongue, readers are requested to view my English poems leniently. I write in English to share my thoughts with the world at large. Like every other poet, I also long to be heard!

To me, life is a beautiful piece of poetry. Indeed, life has always been beautiful to me and I thank God for that. As life matures, so does ones mind and mental vision. At some point in life, the physical vision starts waning but mental vision keeps widening, holding the glory of life aglow. The colors of life of each person portray different pictures at different times. I love to see those portraits painted through poetry. I feel a natural fraternity with all the poets of the world, of all languages.

I do not write much, but read whenever time permits. When I do write, I write for my own pleasure. My writings flow out of my mind as expressions of feelings of all kinds, like love, joy, nature’s beauty and behavior, human instincts, appreciation of Gods bounties, etc. etc.

I have had an imaginative mind since childhood. My imaginations were, regrettably, subdued by my shyness and my introvert attitude. However, fortunately enough, I could overcome this uneasy and uncomfortable state of being in later years, as I grew confidence in myself while growing up. When I think of my curiosity, I remember that Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcí¬a Márquez described curiosity as “one of the many masks of love” (Love in the Time of Cholera) . I am, by nature shy and inquisitive. I used to ask a lot of questions when I was a child. When my shyness subdued me, I used to ask the questions to myself and give the answers myself too. Till today, I am inquisitive, so please do not take offense if any of my comments seem to be odd. Just ignore if you would not like to answer.

I am proud to have many friends all over the world today, and I guess that like me, they too are proud of their association with me. I have a natural feeling that I am dear to all my friends, home and abroad, as they are to me. I value friendship and I forgive easily.

Like all writers, I too like to know what other fellow poets think of my writings. So my heartfelt thanks will always be there, expressed or not, to those who would take time to read and comment on my writings, good or bad. But I look for no accolade, that’s for sure!

Please feel free to message me if you want to criticize, discuss or appreciate any of my work or that of yours/others, and if you want elaboration of any of my comment. I offer my friendship to all who would stop by and have a look at my works. I try and read as many poems as time permits, and sincerely rate the poems I read and comment on them as a usual practice. When my poems go unread, like all poets I too feel sad.

I can be reached at: khairulahsan@yahoo.com


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It's easier to unfurl oneself in poetry than in prose. I love poetry exactly for that.
Khairul Ahsan
We are all long distance runners on a track that is as vast as life itself, with an unseen finish line. We may slow down or speed up at intervals, at convenience, but we must never stop.
Khairul Ahsan
One who thinks good, cannot speak bad.
Khairul Ahsan

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He has encouraged me greatly in my poetic journey through his wonderful comments on my poems. I bow to this literary genius and feel proud to have him as a friend and guide. Thank you Khairul Ahsan ji.(Part-2)
When I go to write about Khairul Ahsan, the poet gem from Banladesh I wonder whether my words would be enough to describe his immense poetic talent ! I have read many of his poems and awestruck by their beauty of expression imbued with feelings of love, kindness and humanism.He gives a Midas touch to any subject he writes.(Part-1)
As much as we praise this poet, it will be less. The poet has sharp vision and wonderful outlook. He has created a new history in the literary sky. His poems will definitely be treasured as the beneficial gems in the world of literature. May Allah bring fortune and happiness for him! (Part-2) : : Best Wishes from Poet Kumarmani Mahakul #373 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the information of the world poetry database, rank on date 16 May 2020)