KA Khairul Ahsan 13 December

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It's easy to unfurl oneself in poetry than prose. I love poetry exactly for that.
Khairul Ahsan
We are all long distance runners on a track that is as vast as life itself, with an unseen finish line. We may slow down or speed up at intervals, at convenience, but we must never stop.
Khairul Ahsan
One who thinks good, cannot speak bad.
Khairul Ahsan

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KHAIRUL AHSAN, a true respectful poet to me. Although I know nothing details of him (for that I’m really sorry) , nevertheless, the BELOW is my little effort; I wish to his greatness- Key point writer he is from Bangladesh Harvester of solid verse to make fresh Artful word he can paint on poetic canvas Interminable ink spreads depth, touch heart Rhythm he is in reading worldly poem truly Untarnished reviewing his wins all writer fairly Leading hand shows path to follow decency
Auspicious I’m, because I’m from his country Hail his writing to be ageless as our dignity Salute I his wisdom and his serene writing Affable poem of him makes me to his akin Nothing I’m, yet, want to live his poetic ring
On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Khairul Ahsan from Bangladesh as, Ideal Ability (আদর্শ ক্ষমতা) . This title is offered due to his valuable contribution to the field of literature. From today onward he will be known as Ideal Ability Khairul Ahsan. We hope, all poets and visitors will like this.
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