• Can'T Bear

    Piling bodies,
    Polluted water,
    Moving hills,
    Melting earth,... more »

  • Coming For Happiness

    It rises, rises from the sea.
    Rejoicing, dancing, singing,
    Finding for a mate,
    To enjoy with.... more »

  • Fallen Flower

    Lying there untouched,
    Unseen forever.
    Leaving back its value,
    Its sanctity, its chastity.... more »

  • Fan

    It stayed there hanging,
    Motionless, airless though.
    Rusted, jammed,
    Outdated.... more »

  • My Life

    It was a colourful one,
    Filled with rainbow's.
    the permanent mark.
    I believed.... more »

  • Patience

    Stuck to wall,
    Unaware of surroundings.
    Stretching its legs,
    To the extent.... more »

  • Sharing

    Whom to say what i am,
    What my heart feels.
    What my soul experience's,
    What my eyes watche's.... more »

  • The Creature

    The boy! No The Creature!
    A metamorph, body of human though,
    Soul of abomination.
    A seed, yes a seed... more »

  • What To Do?

    They say i am bad,
    They say i am rude,
    They say i am mean,
    They even say, you are a seed of domination.... more »

  • What To Share

    What to share,
    What not to share,
    Should I share my pain,
    Shall i share my agony.... more »

  • What To Write

    What to write?
    Let me write on love.
    Love, What is this love?
    Have no idea.... more »