Khalil Gibran Comments (49)

This is amazing! I read it to my mom when she gives me a pile of work so I can be who she wants me to be. All she can do is threaten to make me grounded, cuz she knows Kahlil Gibran is like 10 times wiser than her.: D
Kahlil Gibran is inspational. A poet and prophet
His words teaches our limitation on this earth.
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I am like this poem. So lovely poem
Khalil Gibran is master philosopher, poet and a great thinker, I admire his writing skills and the way he uses the language to convey his messages. There are very few poets and philosopher who matches his skills.
hi there, love your poems
J'ai étais profondement émue par ses poèmes... Khalil Gibran devait être quelqu'un d'aimant, plein d'un amour qui savait divulguer à travers ses poèmes, et d'extraordinairement fort et beau à travers les mots qu'il savait manier dans une perfection rare. Je lui souhaite tout le bonheur possible là où il se trouve maintenant. Beauté Anouk
It is always an ethereal experience to read Gibran
I highly appreciated gibran's philosophy and thoughts of impermanence of life. There are close relationship buddhist philosophy. He was not only poet or writer. He was a great literal creater.