• Song Of The Soul Xxii

    In the depth of my soul there is
    A wordless song - a song that lives
    In the seed of my heart.
    It refuses to melt with ink on... more »

  • Song Of The Wave Xvii

    The strong shore is my beloved
    And I am his sweetheart.
    We are at last united by love, and
    Then the moon draws me from him.... more »

  • Talking Xx

    And then a scholar said, "Speak of Talking."

    And he answered, saying:... more »

  • Teaching Xviii

    Then said a teacher, "Speak to us of Teaching."

    And he said:... more »

  • The Beauty Of Death Xiv

    Part One - The Calling

    Let me sleep, for my soul is intoxicated with love and... more »

  • The City Of The Dead Xx

    Yesterday I drew myself from the noisome throngs and proceeded into the field until I reached a knoll upon which Nature had spread her comely garments. Now I could breathe.

    I looked back, and the city appeared with its magnificent mosques and stately residences veiled by the smoke of the shops.... more »

  • The Coming Of The Ship

    Almustafa, the chosen and the beloved, who was a dawn onto his own day, had waited twelve years in the city of Orphalese for his ship that was to return and bear him back to the isle of his birth.... more »

  • The Creation I

    The God separated a spirit from Himself and fashioned it into Beauty. He showered upon her all the blessings of gracefulness and kindness. He gave her the cup of happiness and said, "Drink not from this cup unless you forget the past and the future, for happiness is naught but the moment." And He also gave her a cup of sorrow and said, "Drink from this cup and you will understand the meaning of the fleeting instants of the joy of life, for sorrow ever abounds."

    And the God bestowed upon her a love that would desert he forever upon her first sigh of earthly satisfaction, and a sweetness that would vanish with her first awareness of flattery.... more »

  • The Criminal V

    A young man of strong body, weakened by hunger, sat on the walker's portion of the street stretching his hand toward all who passed, begging and repeating his hand toward all who passed, begging and repeating the sad song of his defeat in life, while suffering from hunger and from humiliation.

    When night came, his lips and tongue were parched, while his hand was still as empty as his stomach.... more »

  • The Farewell Xxviii

    And now it was evening.

    And Almitra the seeress said, "Blessed be this day and this place and your spirit that has spoken."... more »

  • The Greater Self

    This came to pass. After the coronation of Nufsibaal King of Byblus, he retired to his bed-chamber—the very room which the three hermit-magicians of the mountains had built for him... more »

  • The House Of Fortune Iii

    My wearied heart bade me farewell and left for the House of Fortune. As he reached that holy city which the soul had blessed and worshipped, he commenced wondering, for he could not find what he had always imagined would be there. The city was empty of power, money, and authority.

    And my heart spoke to the daughter of Love saying, "Oh Love, where can I find Contentment? I heard that she had come here to join you."... more »

  • The Hymn Of Man

    I was,
    And I am.
    So shall I be to the end of time,
    For I am without end... more »

  • The Life Of Love Xvi


    Come, my beloved; let us walk amidst the knolls,... more »

  • The Madman - His Parables And Poems

    You ask me how I became a madman. It happened thus: One day, long
    before many gods were born, I woke from a deep sleep and found all... more »

  • The Palace And The Hut Xxix

    Part One

    As night fell and the light glittered in the great house, the servants stood at the massive door awaiting the coming of the guests; and upon their velvet garments shown golden buttons.... more »

  • The Playground Of Life Xix

    One hour devoted to the pursuit of Beauty
    And Love is worth a full century of glory
    Given by the frightened weak to the strong.... more »

  • The Poet Viii

    He is a link between this and the coming world.
    He is
    A pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink.... more »

  • The Scarecrow

    Once I said to a scarecrow, 'You must be tired of standing in this
    lonely field.'... more »

  • The Sleep-Walkers

    In the town where I was born lived a woman and her daughter, who
    walked in their sleep.... more »

  • The Two Hermits

    Upon a lonely mountain, there lived two hermits who worshipped God
    and loved one another.... more »

  • The Widow And Her Son Xxi

    Night fell over North Lebanon and snow was covering the villages surrounded by the Kadeesha Valley, giving the fields and prairies the appearance of a great sheet of parchment upon which the furious Nature was recording her many deeds. Men came home from the streets while silence engulfed the night.

    In a lone house near those villages lived a woman who sat by her fireside spinning wool, and at her side was her only child, staring now at the fire and then at his mother.... more »

  • The Wise Dog

    One day there passed by a company of cats a wise dog.

    And as he came near and saw that they were very intent and heeded... more »

  • Time Xxi

    And an astronomer said, "Master, what of Time?"

    And he answered:... more »

  • Two Infants Ii

    A prince stood on the balcony of his palace addressing a great multitude summoned for the occasion and said, "Let me offer you and this whole fortunate country my congratulations upon the birth of a new prince who will carry the name of my noble family, and of whom you will be justly proud. He is the new bearer of a great and illustrious ancestry, and upon him depends the brilliant future of this realm. Sing and be merry!" The voices of the throngs, full of joy and thankfulness, flooded the sky with exhilarating song, welcoming the new tyrant who would affix the yoke of oppression to their necks by ruling the weak with bitter authority, and exploiting their bodies and killing their souls. For that destiny, the people were singing and drinking ecstatically to the heady of the new Emir.

    Another child entered life and that kingdom at the same time. While the crowds were glorifying the strong and belittling themselves by singing praise to a potential despot, and while the angels of heaven were weeping over the people's weakness and servitude, a sick woman was thinking. She lived in an old, deserted hovel and, lying in her hard bed beside her newly born infant wrapped with ragged swaddles, was starving to death. She was a penurious and miserable young wife neglected by humanity; her husband had fallen into the trap of death set by the prince's oppression, leaving a solitary woman to whom God had sent, that night, a tiny companion to prevent her from working and sustaining life.... more »