• (untitled)

    Smiles, cries, tears and laughter,
    emotions arisen from a love thereafter.

    A perennial adoration that is no longer partaken... more »

  • Bang! You'Re Dead

    Love is a game,
    like Russian Roulette.
    Each time you play,
    It's your life you bet.... more »

  • Boredom

    Boredom is the affliction from which I suffer
    to cure this infirmity I must have a buffer... more »

  • Cheers! ! !

    I drink to the moon
    I drink to the sun... more »

  • For Your Eyes Only But Everyone Can See

    I want to take a moment to show how much I care
    and write a couple lines for you and I to share... more »

  • Hopeless Romantic

    A hopeless romantic sounds so very cliche
    but I swear I fall in love at least twice a day.
    Ones eyes so enchanting, anothers hair vibrant red.
    I couldnt choose one, I'd want both in my bed.... more »

  • In The Garden Of No Regard

    So many things racing through my mind
    Lost in the garden, myself I could not find... more »

  • Just Letters

    What can I do to make things better?
    I'll sit at my desk and write my love a letter.
    Not just one this time, more suitable would be two
    The letters wont be long in fact their just 'I' and 'U'... more »

  • Key To Enlightenment

    This key unlocks
    an old dusty box
    a walk down memory lane... more »

  • Miss Understanding

    That's who she is and that's what it was.
    I'll love this girl forever, not just because
    she knows me better than I know myself.
    She showed me how to gain such emotional wealth.... more »

  • Mourning Thoughts

    as clouds roll by
    under a moonlite sky... more »

  • Orange Appeal

    As I board the train at six thirty in the morning
    I made it just in time even though it's pouring
    you're sitting right there as you always are
    just like me, first row, second car... more »

  • The Music's Always Better When You'Re Drunk

    Jazz, Blues, Punk or Funk
    The music's always better, when your drunk.

    'I love this song'! to me sounds overstated... more »

  • Your My New Favorite Colour

    In prior affairs I have been less acquainted with lovers,
    with not much concern of whom they may be.
    with me they are enamored but my interests are adverse.
    Though our talks may be short, there lies an intimacy.... more »