• A Drop Of Dew

    A dropp of dew can enliven
    the thirsty buds
    can cause a new life
    can create a reason.... more »

  • A Poet Laments

    Stars are shining bright and the moon is up
    Clouds are making homes for them
    They lead to their destinations in peace.
    I find no reason to write on disharmony.... more »

  • An Inclusive India

    Ajnabi is registered a Christian at school
    And bargains exemption of fee by half
    And all miscellanies full; and sings hymns
    To Jesus and celebrates Christmas.... more »

  • At The Crossings

    We’ll meet at the crossings
    Or see each other in the crowd
    Or match eyes from a distance
    Then we’ll realize... more »

  • Bargain

    I’ve seen
    many men of lesser quality
    rise upwards
    and have immense influence... more »

  • Election Scenery

    Psephologists competing with their opinion polls
    A prophecy they draw to the final hustings
    Bouleversement for one wing; anti-incumbency for the other
    They profess for the polls to be polled at the booths.... more »

  • Foliage

    Leaves foliage, the green turbans, on
    The silky branches to clutch on unsuccessful
    Efforts.... more »

  • Harmony

    Tiger, tiger burning bright
    He’ll leap up above the sky
    When the Moon would shine
    And the Sun would define... more »

  • I’m Slave To Myself

    I’m slave to myself.
    I’m slave to my desire:
    My desire is boundless.
    I’m slave to my fantasy:... more »

  • In Disguise

    They take shelter in the auto rickshaws
    in the daylight and sit in much calm
    in much commune with the police on patrol
    and invite the passers-by at Laldarwaza.... more »

  • In Search Of Peace

    I’m in search of a home
    Where lights twinkle
    And burn the house warm
    People share their haves.... more »

  • Paths Are Obstructed

    Paths are obstructed at the no-man’s land
    where they die gasping at the boundary
    against the barbs grounded at either side.
    Let me move without a stop... more »

  • Perspective

    I took just a few steps
    And the road ended
    I took a stride
    And the path finished... more »

  • Shez Mingled In Me

    I worship the prophetess of love
    beauty, majesty, glory, and desire -
    she is the sublime of all arts.... more »

  • The Doll

    The doll imitates the forms
    Of a woman
    But it lacks the content—... more »

  • The Golden Birds

    The golden birds flock
    To the fields
    Fluttering and dropping beads
    Weaving them into garlands.... more »

  • The Grass Is Shaking

    The grass is shaking
    a mouse may be nibbling
    at the root
    The grains will soon turn... more »

  • The Mysterious Man

    My mother scoffed at us for ours no fault
    She had put sweets from offerings in a box
    To distribute the sacred eating equally among us all:
    “All should have equal favour”, she taught.... more »

  • The National Library

    Many couples couple to the serene campus
    But they don’t love; never marry each other
    Yet they’re apace for a feeling unrealised
    They often take bits of paper and make equations... more »

  • Weave Dreams Into Act

    We sleep to dream
    We sleep to dreams
    We wake to act
    We wake to facts.... more »

  • You Turned My Faith

    Till a few minutes past, my eyes were blank
    Then you painted yourself in them beautiful
    Now I plant flowers and leaves of different hues
    In my garden where once stood the store room... more »