• A Reflection! !

    Knowing the truth the tides will wash it away
    But it brings a smile on my face, for as long as it stays
    Like holding on to something that will slip through my hands
    I still write my name on the sand... more »

  • Biggest Lie Life's Got!

    I thought you would, you dint
    I waited all day long
    I hope that you wanted to,
    And my expectation was wrong... more »

  • Confess!

    Does she look away? At your most alluring glance?
    Does she pretend to ignore your praise? a flattering comment, When you pass
    Don’t misinterpret it with lack of interest
    She is just shy,... more »

  • Favorite :)

    Sing, don't stop…It's a soothing note
    No matter how bad it may be, giggle with your throat
    I can listen to it for the whole night long
    For your voice is my favorite song... more »

  • Hold My Hand

    Hold my hand, I won't mind
    Little effort you have to make
    Pull me out of the timid bubble
    Little risk I shall then take... more »

  • I Am Not Gonu Wake Up!

    What do you do?
    'I play with mud', he said
    What do you eat?
    'I don't feel hungry', he said... more »

  • I Cared

    My heart pops up as you enter
    I start breathing fast
    As long as you stand near me
    This smile on my face shall last... more »

  • I Know It's For My Best!

    A short way got so long
    From this I shall begin
    Like a kid loses his toy
    A strange sorrow instead of joy... more »

  • I Let Silence Do The Talking....

    They say that I have changed….but haven’t they too?
    It’s not a different “me”, but a sign that I grew
    When they don’t seem to understand
    Believe my rough hands... more »

  • It Won'T Stay For Long :)

    I got up in the morning and there is nothing exciting lined
    Why is my life like that is what there on my mind
    Why do I have to stay back and not do anything today
    I yell at god and ask, Will this ever stop the play?... more »

  • Its So Cold Outside!

    The breeze isn't restful, it hurts like a thorn
    My hands get deaden, that’s why I wear gloves on
    Tough to walk and tolerate the talk tonight
    Give me one more coat, it’s so cold outside... more »

  • Let Me Go And Set Me Free

    They think that I am stranded
    They think that I am sad
    I have been resting in this bed for so long
    And It's time to return all that I had... more »

  • Life...A Dream :)

    I am flowing like a river
    Or flying like a bird
    Walking to the beach
    Sometimes feeding the herd... more »

  • Mr. Stranger In Fedora Hat :)

    A face with a smile,
    As I enter the bar
    Gave me a clear clue
    a striking evening ain't too far... more »

  • My Life Said Sorry A Little Late! !

    The show was going flawless
    The dance was on the beat
    You held me just so perfectly
    Our steps would always meet... more »

  • My Time To Roar!

    Why did it become a big deal
    When I chose to be careless
    In this careless world?... more »

  • Ray Of Hope!

    A silent ray of hope appeared
    Far across the ocean
    Or just a lust
    because it is too early to trust... more »

  • Sinking Boat Called Heart!

    The boat sunk before the last chance
    I had a plan for harbor... more »

  • Sometimes I Wish

    Sometimes I wish I get my share without any fare,
    I put my ideas, they take the credit
    I mingle around the group but they just forget it
    My desires remain unfulfilled and silently diminish,... more »

  • The So Called 'Mad' :)

    Ever seen a mad guy
    Dancing on his own?
    Or perhaps, singing?
    Singing his own note?... more »

  • What Is God

    When you wipe their tears
    Their vision gets even clear
    And a voice from the sky
    Says “Thank you”... more »

  • Will Miss You!

    The picture in the frame right now is brutally hard to learn
    The love we knitted for so many years, took us no time to earn
    Friendship we shared was nothing like anybody’s
    The time that has now gone, can just wish that we could turn... more »