• Feathers Of Crystal

    Dull throbs and constant aches,
    She's drowning in vast crimson lakes.
    A life shattered by hate,
    And driven by love.... more »

  • Riddle Poem

    What's as kind as a child,
    Can be found in the wild,
    Treacherous like the ocean,
    Yet contained like a potion,... more »

  • Tears Of Blood

    Bloody and broken,
    Her life is like a fake token.
    Useless and unwanted,
    Her heart is a pot of dirt, without a seed planted.... more »

  • True Freedom

    A life in a world of true freedom.
    Wouldn't that be perfect?... more »

  • Unwanted Feelings

    Here I stand,
    My weapon in hand.
    Rigid, tense and positioned to fight,
    To hold myself back takes all my might,... more »

  • Wings Of Stone

    She wants to fly,
    Fly away from her life.
    All she's done is lie,
    And have the worst of strife.... more »