• ~church~

    I see you,
    Coming toward the car,

    -My stomach flops.... more »

  • A Carpathians Story

    A lurking shadow,
    Within the dark,
    He walks these empty streets,
    The protector.... more »

  • A Dreams End

    I dreamt last night,
    Of you and me,
    You finally came,
    And said 'sorry.'... more »

  • At Just The Wrong Time

    You fell in love with me,
    At just the wrong time,
    I was moving on from someone else,
    You my way out, my light.... more »

  • Before I Fall Asleep

    Before I fall asleep,
    I think of you,
    And of everything,
    That we went through.... more »

  • Black On White

    The world,
    Once beautiful,
    Now black and gray,
    To my crying eyes.... more »

  • Brandon

    A week ago,
    I was ready to give it all up.
    Someone could have offered me poison,
    And I'd say 'Gimme the cup.'... more »

  • Broken

    I've Worked so hard,
    I won't give up,
    I've lost you once,
    never again.... more »

  • Complicated

    I'm a complicated girl,
    More trouble than you'd want,
    I'm selfish and demanding,
    Then I'm kind and understanding,... more »

  • Don'T Give Up

    I don't know how to put this,
    This feeling that I have,
    That maybe you could have gone futher,
    Further than you did.... more »

  • Fairy Tale

    I read about about it,
    I wish i had it,
    The perfect love.... more »

  • Free To Be Me

    Back when I was just a little kid,
    I only remember being free.
    nothing there to hold me back,
    no regretful thoughts of you and me.... more »

  • From My Heart

    How could such a beautiful soul,
    Be so missunderstood?
    Dealing with family who mistreats you,
    Dealing with more than you ever could.... more »

  • Goodbye

    Our break up was hard,
    On us both, i know,
    Even though were friends now,
    My feelings still show.... more »

  • I - 75

    Traveling this road,
    For hours at a time.
    All I want is home,
    And to be by your side.... more »

  • I'Ll Be Right Here

    When life get you down,
    Just turn around,
    I'll be right here,
    To catch you.... more »

  • In Memory Of Me

    Who is that girl,
    So still on that bed,
    Her body so limp,
    Her stare so dead.... more »

  • Jana

    We share our problems,
    And we share laughs,
    You're my best friend,
    No less.... more »

  • Joshua

    I wish I knew just what to say,
    when it comes to me and you,
    I love you as my brother,
    You're the one that helps me through.... more »

  • Lies

    Those untrue words,
    Small but mean everything,
    In shadows they lurk,
    Your perfect lies,... more »

  • Love And Lust

    In loving someone,
    I cannot tell,
    The thought of lust,
    A continous bell,... more »

  • Me

    From where i left,
    To where im going,
    I'm just leaving,
    So don't you worry,... more »

  • My Everything

    Thinking of you,
    Gets me so high,
    It feels like I'm floating,
    In the dark starry sky.... more »

  • Need, Want, Love

    I need you,
    Like nothing ive ever needed before,
    I want you,
    Theres nothing i want more.... more »

  • Needing You

    My need for you,
    Is greater than want.
    Thats what scares me the most,
    I've never wanted something so bad,... more »