• Dont Forget

    Come back for me
    Dont forget
    I'm still waiting for you to remeber
    YOU left me in the dark... more »

  • No!

    Dont yel at me
    Dont curse in my face
    Stop making a scene!
    You can't make me do anything i dont wanna do... more »

  • Perfect Enemy's

    You rolled your eye's and I rolled mine back
    You talk about me and I talk about you
    You act like i'm scared but you know the truth
    I try to trip you up, and you try back... more »

  • Speak The Truth

    i kno i'm bad,
    you aint gota tell me twice,
    an da wipin's wit da switch aint very nice,
    i lie cause it's easy and nobody'll kno... more »

  • The Lyrics Of A Fat Girl

    Maybe it's not me
    The food just calls me
    I hate eating when i'm not hungry
    I'm not putting myself down... more »

  • What Is Written In Red

    I am written in red,
    I am sliding across the page of life.
    I am racing across the lines of language.
    I am red.... more »