• 1000 - 100

    much reflection
    is needed for affection
    love is a moon
    like the earth in rotation... more »

  • A Jockey, And A Horse Named Love

    in the kentucky derby
    i am jockey
    my horse is love
    you are my sponsor... more »

  • All Alone

    I lay alone
    All alone in my home
    Thoughts freely come and go
    Just like ants walking to and fro... more »

  • Asylum

    lonely, lonely night
    the moon my only comrade
    hugging me the damp air
    in my oblivion i lay... more »

  • Dance Of Death

    Frolicking bones dance and dance and dance
    And they sang and sang and sang
    A joyous face they had
    In the midst stood a cross... more »

  • For The Martyrs

    cold lonely night
    stars all shining bright
    i hope u feel all right
    after such a bad fight... more »

  • For You

    Love lost is a loss of a lifetime... more »

  • I Am But A Puzzle

    your embrace warms my heart
    your voice soothes my thoughts
    your company fills my soul
    your smile makes me happy... more »

  • The River Flows In You

    fear unexplained and great
    fear that has been my hunter and i its prey
    once i have fallen victim to this noble hunter
    thus causing turmoil and disaster... more »

  • This Is How I Feel...

    _________________________... more »

  • Trust

    covenants are pillars
    they are strong and stout
    but each pillar is only as strong
    as its weakest part... more »

  • What Now?

    i had a goodbye
    then i had a tear
    now i have regret
    then came anguish... more »