i am a satianist.
i belive in what i want to belive in.
i don't belive in what other people tell me to.
im not a follower.
i do things myself.
i listen to rock, hardxcore, deathmetal, metal, and grindcore...
my favorite colors are purple and orange.
im bi.
im only 14.
ima sinner.
and i love it...
if you think im doing wrong...
oh well get over it...
i kno what im doing...
i love to write especially on what i've been through
and how i feel...
if you dnt like my writting...
you can tell me but dnt say its good
when its not...
for anyone who thinks i need help...
i dnt im fine...
i can handle what ever comes my way...
i dnt care for your opinions on what i need and
dnt need...
well thats all i got to say about my self...


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ima very bad writter...lol