• Alone

    alone i cry
    day and night
    sad and misunderstood
    i say im fine... more »

  • Cries In The Night

    i sit at the corner of my bed
    sad and alone
    i hear a voice calling out
    my name is obviously... more »

  • Devil's Daughter

    i am her
    the one they call his daughter
    i live in hell
    i surrenderd my soul to him... more »

  • Dying Softly

    alone i cry in this meaning less world
    all i want is to be forgotten
    i want to be invisable
    why am i here... more »

  • F.T.W

    and no one can hear...
    and no one to blame...... more »

  • Help Me Breath

    im alone
    with no one to hear my cries
    im sufficating...... more »

  • Psycho

    blood dripping to the floor
    laughter is ahead
    the scars left on my arm
    the pain i left behind... more »