• 2am Thoughts

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  • A Day Like No Other

    Although you're not with us, physically,
    We can sense you here, literally.

    Your body might have decayed,... more »

  • Body And Soul

    I am a mess
    And I honestly do not expect any less
    The day you left
    Was the day I felt... more »

  • Breathelieving

    For the first time in forever,
    I feel like I truly am breathing.
    After drowning in an endless tear-made river,
    I am finally resurfacing.... more »

  • Clarity After Ambiguity

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  • Daydream

    And I still live in fear
    Of everything I don't know
    So I decided to let go
    of everything... more »

  • Dear Shakespeare

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  • Diamond

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  • End Of Days

    I found myself thinking,
    what would we be when all we know ends?
    When we all stop breathing,
    what would be our amends?... more »

  • Free Verse

    I somehow seem to always comfort others with the words I want to hear

    I hear myself telling people to stay srtong
    And to hold on to what they love... more »

  • Hey, God

    My hands are shaking,
    My throat is aching.
    I find myself wondering
    Why all this time it is taking.... more »

  • I Can See The Birds

    The birds flutter by
    And I wish I were as free,
    But I just can't be.... more »

  • I Surrender

    i surrender to the ugliness of this world
    to the darkness in which broken dreams are held hostages
    i surrender to the bleakness of it all
    to what this world has become... more »

  • In The Stillness Of The Night

    In the dark hours of the night
    I lay still.
    The silence of absence of light
    Heightens the loudness of my aching heart.... more »

  • Life's Greatest Mystery: Resolved

    It was the nights when I cried myself to sleep
    The times my fall was steep
    The words you said to me
    Have resolved life's greatest mystery... more »

  • Love Cab

    The air I'm breathing seems light
    And for once I do not live in fright
    I know for one that he loves me
    And this might just carry me through the night... more »

  • Love; Trick Or Treat?

    I like to think of love as a drug:
    sometimes it acts as a cure,
    others as a poison.... more »

  • 'Old, But Gold'

    Okay so I was 8 when I wrote this for a school project. The topic was to discuss an event that happened in which we made a difference in someone's life...... more »

  • Power Of Forever

    I believed the shedding
    Of your crocodile tears...
    Think me not stupid,
    Only know me once naive.... more »

  • Rage

    «Rage, mais rage encor lorsque meurt la lumière.»
    ragez contre la lumière déclinante.
    ayez une vie passionnante,
    et gardez un sourire permanent.... more »

  • Revoking Fear

    Did you ever ask yourself why you laugh, when someone shows you the face they think is scary?
    I think we laugh because we don't see fear the same way they do
    What's scary to them might not be what is to us
    We have different thoughts; our fears, eventhough they might be similar, are not the same... more »

  • Ring The Flame

    The innocent can never last...
    1 year has gone too fast...
    Only the good die young;
    Only we hear the dreadful song...... more »

  • Silly Young Lady

    Silly, silly girl;
    he never really loved you,
    and you knew this ending all along.... more »

  • Suffocation

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  • Sunken Ships

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