Kim McInnis Biography

Hi, I'm Kim McInnis. I live in a small, non-eventful town in southern Ontario. I'm petite, dark-haired, half-Korean, and near-sighted, but mostly a dreamer. I might be invisible, but I have a hard time telling.

I write more as a memoir than for art. I keep journals, but something in metaphor and figurative words is a safe haven to me. Behind a mask of pretty letters, I can be as honest as I want, and that's why I write. As a result, a lot of my poems come out as seemingly meaningless nonsense. I'm not much for rhymes, so I write mostly in free-verse.

Aside from writing, I like to sing, play keyboard and guitar, study Aikido, paint and draw, play Dance Dance Revolution, and direct soap operas starring my collection of Bratz dolls.

I'd appreciate it if you would vote or comment on my poems. Criticism is what keeps me alive, so don't hold back.

<3 and luck to you, and may you find what you're looking for...