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Love is here,
Love is there,
Everywhere in the world.
But around me there is nothing,... more »


My memories need to disappear...
I can't stop thinking about him...
He gave me a scar that cannot go away...
My mind is full of things I don't need to know...... more »

I Love You

I love you in the morning,
I love you at night,
I love you when you're wrong,
as much as when you’re right.... more »

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Adryan Barnathan 24 Dec 2004 09:22
Oh dear Phan...sometimes we don't feel love because of self hatred...appreciate the little things that life affords and recogise the beauty in those things. You breath, you laugh, you see, you feel...don't fall into the is all around you...and everything you are looking for...comes from within yourself. Write and allow your spirit to flow...