I am currently 1yrs old. I have lived in the same small town and on the southern ute indian reservation all my life. I like to read and write poetry. I’ve been writing poetry for about 8 years now. I started writing in the 5th grade, I wrote my first poem about my grandfather who passed away. I didn’t really start writing poems until about 8th grade when I was in junior high. Ever since then I have always enjoyed writing, I have written about everything that has been apart of my life, I write happy poems and alot of sad poems. Writing and letting my emotions out is like the first breathe of fresh air after a rain storm. I have over 300 poems right now. I hope to publish a book soon in my life.


Kimberly Santistevan Poems

A Girl Like Me

A girl like me will make your world better
A girl like me will make you happy
A girl like me will make you smile everyday.... more »

No One

No one understands me
No one understands what’s inside
No one understands what I think
No one understands what I do.... more »

A Life I Cannot Live With You

We both know we are not meant to be
I love him
I wish that you could really see.... more »

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