• Ghetto Unfolded

    Am from ghetto, the place of untold stories,
    Boys gun down for stealing, after fame, money and silvers,
    Listening to wrong vybz from a cartel behind bars,
    Working is a way of stupidity, stealing is the way to riches,... more »

  • I Love You

    I love u,
    I love u because I buried hate,
    But for your love I buried myself in your heart,
    Nothing 2 complain like am Bill Gate,... more »

  • Life Is What It Is

    Everybody is different, reputation defines us mor,
    The World issa classroom, without a teacher,
    No magic to rely on, only God no other,
    Hardwork pays, if not just pray harder,... more »

  • The Game Of The Beasts

    Deep thirst, breathing dust
    Play or be dead, from the past
    No opposition, if there! then its the last
    Fear to the brim, trembling like sails hold by weak mast... more »