King Godbolt Quotes

- " The average man will take the easiest path in life, soon or later, that path will lead to his destruction"
Bold, Challenge, Driven, Success
-'A man can only be truly defined by the footprints he may leave behind along his path In life After he has past'
Character, Strength, Courage, Inspiration
- 'In order to press forward, Ye must cut the ties that binds him down along his journey'
Achieve, Prosper, Develop
-'Either Good or Bad generations may blossom, only by the moral intent of a king himself'
Era, Generation, Intent, Morality
-'The truest kings of all true kings, is that of the original true king himself, Jesus Christ'
Christ, Spiritual, Knowledge, Right, Righteous
- "The magnitude of thy wicked love, could shatter tranquil grounds"
Deception, Love, Pain
" Lust is my wine, I sip slowly with time"
Lust, Love, Wine
'True Kings never die! They transcend; and along side So shall their legacy! ! ! '