• A New Start?

    where is it?
    it was by my side
    for the longest time it was
    when life threw me dirt... more »

  • Alone

    I'm alone in my wooden boat
    My compass is broken... more »

  • Beware Of The Wolf

    Don't ignore his inner wolf
    Just because he smiled
    And said 'I Love You'
    For it's the inner wolf... more »

  • Help Me

    Help me forget all the
    Times we've shared all
    The promises that were
    Made and broken and... more »

  • I Lay On The Floor

    i lay on the floor
    with my head to the door
    the phone was clutched to my ear
    my heart was drenched in so much fear... more »

  • Missing You

    i miss you already
    and you're not even gone
    we will meet again i know
    but i will miss you until... more »

  • Please, Tell Me

    Tell me what I did wrong
    To deserve your cold shoulder

    What I did... more »

  • Save Me

    I loved you so much
    And yet it meant nothing
    So many tears i cried
    But still you walked away... more »

  • Sleep Calls To Me

    Voices pass by me
    And my body calls for sleep
    I fight its call but
    It claws its way to the front... more »