• Am I Invisible?

    Am I invisible?
    For it seems to be
    I'm right here
    You look right through me... more »

  • Illusions

    Senses are an illusion.
    The mind plays slatternly tricks.
    the people.... more »

  • Just Give Up

    Sometimes I wish I could just give up on life.
    Let it all go.
    Inhale and exhale. And never breath again.
    Just say the simple words and I'll stay. But the only one that can do that is me. I feel as if I have lost this battle... more »

  • Only If

    Only if we could Trust ourselves.
    And trust what we could do instead of doubting and Believe what we could do with our minds
    Only if we didn't underestimate ourselves and wait until it's done to loose gain power. What if it was in us. In us all along? We could have the strength to do whatever we put our minds too. What if everything around us was a test. A test to find out what we are really made of. Would you try your best or give up?
    What if everyone around you went real and you sat alone.?... more »

  • The Lost

    The memories were like little snowflakes,
    all different
    all fading fast.
    Some happy... more »

  • Thoughts

    What are we?
    Nothing but empty words
    Nothing but trained emotions
    Lost in broken T H O U G H T S;... more »