• I Love You My Dear.

    Like a snow white dove, you should be free with me my love.

    Like the dark blue ocean, i have for you to much emotion.... more »

  • Life Is Important So Use It Dearly.

    Pulling the trigger of the gun in your hand,
    it will make no sound but like wind in the sand.

    You will never destroy the hurtfulness of the pain,... more »

  • Love Is Power

    You give me the most greatest love, to me you are my platinum glove...
    You are my daisy flower, that gives me the sweetest love and power...... more »

  • Poison'D Eyes.

    You are the poison for my eyes,
    You carefully watch how i die.
    Like a diamond in the sky,
    The eye looks like a firefly.... more »

  • This Is My Riddle

    Here is a riddle for you to see, if u have the answer come give it to me.

    You live to die, you'r happy but you sigh.... more »