• Cure Me With Your Care

    Once a beloved one do not concern why it hurts
    Whoever might bless you?
    Missing somebody is similar to a curse
    I know you love me a lot... more »

  • I Am Beautiful

    Have you ever seen
    A fool like me? ?
    Coz I'm saying it to myself
    That I am beautiful... more »

  • In Dilemma

    Oh! It truly spoils a lot
    For that manually humiliated
    As usual in dilemma
    For that occasional souvenir... more »

  • My Nepal

    An unique sized country flag.
    Symbolizing varieties of cultures and traditions,
    Decorated with various tribes and costumes,
    The day starts with the fresh festivals,... more »

  • Special Three Words

    I now memorize whatever I did to you
    I should not have done so rudely
    I don't know what ended me act to you as that
    But now let you be familiar with... more »

  • Sun

    Oh lord of religion
    Remain of science
    Kind hearted sun.... more »