• A Clear Past And Future Clarity

    I was born right into it
    Music based movies in India
    And fancy for the Engineering
    Also, the rebellion of Generation X!... more »

  • A Joyful Authority

    There seems an authority
    That rises within me.
    Something in the spirit.
    Calls me to exercise authority.... more »

  • A Little Wisdom For Our Pains

    Lessons for happiness are delivered
    Through ages of wisdom by sages
    Man has all answers to live by
    Still, we suffer too hard. Why the pain?... more »

  • Aggressive Tact

    Try a little aggression today
    I can see more of myself that ways
    More life and more force.
    More natural. Aggression not that bad.... more »

  • Ask The Right Question

    If I could ask the right questions, I will be done.
    Some say spend 90% time asking questions
    And the remaining 10% in precise action.
    We forget all about asking the right questions.... more »

  • Benchmarking The Leader Is All Our Work

    Take a deep look at the human world today
    We are busy working our adult lives away
    Thinking we are being of value to the world.
    95% of all our work is eventually waste... more »

  • Blue Ocean Spiritual Magic

    Conventional Wisdom says one thing
    And a smart modern wisdom says another.
    As a young man, I went behind the smart wisdom
    But, with some grays around, I am looking around.... more »

  • Blues From Failing Projects

    A particular dark wisdom arises within
    There will always be challenges in our projects.
    There can always be problems that will come up.
    That is just the way nature works through us.... more »

  • Bound By Time

    I never understood time very well.
    In school, exams were race against time.
    Life itself was examinations till youth.
    Everything was a time bound examination.... more »

  • Breaking Walls Of Change

    Struggle with changes is real.
    Push a man too much to the wall
    And he may snap out. Violence!
    But life do push everyone to walls!... more »

  • Building Something Awesome

    I feel inspired to build something awesome.
    Old emperors built Taj Mahals and Temples.
    Later we saw great factories and products
    Now we use digital stuff like Google.... more »

  • Burn Hate Shadows In Love Light

    Spots. I see ego dark spots in me
    Poke me in those spots and I react.
    I thought these spots were covered.
    But, no. They surface. I get angry.... more »

  • Call Of The Yogi

    Spiritual freedom of a yogi. Does that happen?
    Is the yogi really a free being? What does happen?
    What if someone aspires to be a yogi?
    Is that an impossible dream at all?... more »

  • Closing Down Of Ego Zones

    Evolution is all around me these days
    My body and my mind is changing.
    So does change touch my loved one
    We are evolving to be lighter and subtle... more »

  • Code Confusion Ends Today

    Always wanted to learn
    Programming and code magic
    Life kicked me around it
    Never letting me in the core.... more »

  • Conflict In My Religion

    I wonder what religions means to me
    Introspection and Reflection it is
    More than active worship or praise.
    But, is introspection not praise?... more »

  • Could This Be A Block?

    Often words flowed from me like rivers
    Today, the words are refusing to flow.
    Probably I need to change my direction
    Might be necessary for a perspective change.... more »

  • Disconnection And Reconnection

    Disconnected from matter.
    Reconnected with spirit.
    A few years of madness and pills
    And time filled with meaning today.... more »

  • Divinity Everywhere

    See the divine in everything
    Watch the divine in everyone
    Such joy. Such peace.
    Knowing we are surrounded by Gods.... more »

  • Driving The Life Car

    Am soon reaching a good place
    A secret place full of grace.
    I can feel the vibes of this spot
    Just correct. Just right vibes.... more »

  • Embrace The Shadow Narcissism

    Fear of embracing shadow
    Grips within me. It is bad!
    But, maybe try a little bad now
    And dive into the shadow.... more »

  • External World, Internal Insights, And Boundary Separation

    Can the world be interpreted with the new light?
    Do I have a new set of eyes to look at the world with?
    Is it true that the world can be part of internal transformation?
    Maybe the politics and science of world can mean something.... more »

  • Feelings: Body Consciousness

    Everything is a feeling in body.
    Nothing more. All emotions just are.
    I got a hint that emotions are feelings.
    You feel in your body. Maybe even mind things.... more »

  • Fighting Weakness For Inclusion And Approval

    Exploring weaknesses can be strength too.
    There are times when I just work on strength.
    But, there are times when viewpoints don't appear
    I need to look at weaknesses for perspectives.... more »

  • Flowing Grace In Dark Hours

    Grace comes to those who receive.
    Have a heart that trust the plan
    Laid out by Nature for each of us
    Even the trees, birds and stones too.... more »