• A Twister Called Love

    Please, Mr. Officer, I fail to comprehend,
    But how can there be a tax on love?
    This is not a sale to attract sales tax or VAT,
    Neither do we charge for the service,... more »

  • Barren Soul

    Washed ashore,
    The receding waves that bore,
    Helped me traverse the distance,
    Now gently tends me to the shore.... more »

  • Beyond The Mind

    I live in the mind, contained,
    That dwells at bay,
    Beyond the physical realm,
    They allege I trigger lust and desire,... more »

  • Born To Serve Time

    Consumed by time elapsed,
    Masked and veiled the future but holds,
    Uncertainty in every breath,
    As predators loom large.... more »

  • Darkness

    Darkness, thou art the color that life befriends,
    Rays of hope tease, ill cast a shadow,
    On thy impenetrable perfect black hide,
    That could mask the sun.... more »

  • Dissonance

    Discordant dins that drown peace,
    Dyes that soot the blues to darkness,
    Yet dusk enwraps us in its care,
    Starlit candles tending, nursing,... more »

  • Drawn

    At a tryst with the day,
    Not knowing whether I consume it,
    Or the day consumes me,
    For with the passage of time,... more »

  • Edge Of Reason

    Bestowed with tools bequeath,
    Employ we must till rest,
    To traverse life's hideous ways,
    Survive the path at best,... more »

  • Ego

    I run ahead of myself,

    From the eternal peace of the mind to the din,... more »

  • Facade

    Pride not thy bod, thy face, thy sheen,
    For thou art not the creator of such allure,
    Labor not did you?
    To create such acclaim,... more »

  • Gray

    I would have failed in love,
    If I ever stand tall,
    Or lean or weigh,
    Least cast a shadow,... more »

  • Inverted Tree

    Deeply rooted in the soil beneath,
    The ornate trunk it holds at best,
    Sways to the rhythm of the occasional breeze,
    Yet finding solace in the latitude,... more »

  • Judge Me Not

    Cast in thy field of life,

    'Tis thee who dresseth my soul,... more »

  • Keeper's Watch

    Pivoted around the Keeper,
    My walk is but limited to the length of the leash,
    That forms the radius of the circular domain,
    At best I walk its peripheries or inhabit the area within,... more »

  • Life On Rent

    Tenants in the lease of life,
    Of a tenure not known,
    Riddled with clauses,
    A liaison unknown.... more »

  • Locked-In Syndrome

    O soul in a heightened state of house arrest,
    The seat of all consciousness and being,
    I care not for your immortality or to know your shade outside of me,
    Or to argue your disembodied existence,... more »

  • Lost Realm

    Seeking a realm in a mirage,
    An illusion that seems so real,
    The delicate line that tows,
    Entangled in a maze.... more »

  • Mirage

    Darknes envelops the sky,
    Forming an endless screen,
    The mind projects reflections of the day,
    We labor in vain to sleep,... more »

  • Misery

    Misery, thou art the sea,
    Medium of sail,
    Thy mighty expanse engages,
    Thou art but a reflection of our deeds,... more »

  • O Time

    Time, thou befriend not,
    Perched on thy wings,
    Thou moveth on,
    Sparing no moment for thought,... more »

  • Pleasures And Pains

    It's time to remember the past,
    And consider the days lost,
    In endeavors turned futile,
    And take heart from these lessons,... more »

  • The Aftermath

    I know not the end of the road,
    The void that besiges us in the aftermath,
    Will the soul share my flight?
    And the eternal flame live on?... more »

  • Weighed By Ego

    Pawn at sea,
    Whether I flow to a destiny preordained,
    Or simply where the river takes me,
    Regardless of the path, I need, at best,... more »

  • What Pleaseth Thee, O'Lord?

    Thy name is Mercy, yet we feel pain,
    Some born to suffer for an embedded past,
    Ordained to your decree,
    They say nothing can be wrong,... more »

  • When Nature Calls

    The erupting volcano offers no pretense,
    The sea of molten lava she exudes,
    Stretching to sheathe and nurse the abused terrain,
    Burying the past, providing a mold for fresh imprints,... more »