• Cutting

    the cutting of course it causes pain
    but those who do it have nothing to gain
    for their life is a living hell
    tears the have shed fill a deep dark well... more »

  • Fate

    i did not wish to make you cry
    but i felt that i had to die
    the feeling was so strong and great
    but i'm truly sorry for your heart break... more »

  • Good Bye

    the pain it comes and just won't go
    while others help to make it so
    it's not the normal pain, but it's pain no doubt
    it is emotional pain i talk about... more »

  • Grandma

    i wrote this with all of my family and friends (and some who are both) who have lost a grandma in mind.

    Your eyes they brim with tears
    For someone you’ve known for many years... more »

  • Grandpa

    this is a poem i wrote in the days following the death of my grandpa

    his chair will sit empty for all the days
    while our memories of him slowly fade away... more »

  • Have You Ever

    have you ever felt like you just didnt fit
    like everyone else was to tight knit
    have you ever stood on the outside looking in
    watching everyone inside smile a foolish grin... more »

  • His Light

    a tiny light shines in the dark
    it's not much just barely more than a spark
    but it is there, where no light was before
    and with a gasp she falls to the floor... more »

  • Hurt

    this is the first poem i ever wrote

    Their words they hurt and destroy
    they deaden those eyes once filled with joy... more »

  • In An Instant

    right before i bring my hand down
    i hesitate, my forehead creased in frown
    the silent and fast
    i retrace the past... more »

  • One Year

    i wrote this on the one year anniversary of my grandpa's death

    you’ve been gone now for a year
    but still your memory we keep near... more »

  • The Change

    These tears they sit on the brink
    I wish they would just spill over and fall
    Although I hate to cry
    It’s almost worse to not be able to cry at all... more »

  • The Choice

    a split second choice
    has taken my voive
    the voice of reason, inside my head
    it tells me that i should be dead... more »

  • Three Little Words

    He enters the room
    My heart is a-flutter
    One quick smile at me
    And I melt like butter... more »

  • Today

    i made a terrible decison today
    it will probably take my life away
    for i will most likely kill myself
    than to sit upon a little shelf... more »

  • Where I Am

    this place of my life i am in
    is filled with stupidity and sin
    although you can't tell, i'm in pain
    and trying oh so hard not to go insane... more »