• Better Hurry

    I Cry Myself To Sleep,
    When The Days Get So Weak,
    Your Never By My Side,
    Which Always Makes Me Cry,... more »

  • Decsion Of You

    I lie in my room thinking of you
    Not knowing whether my feelings for you are true
    I just dont no anymore
    My heart is so sore... more »

  • Depend

    Tonight I Say Goodbye
    As I Plan To Die
    My Heart Is Pounding
    With The Voice Your Sounding... more »

  • Do You Really

    Why Is Nothing So Simple
    Why Is Everything So Hard
    How Can I Make Everything Right
    Will I Ever See You In The Light... more »

  • Here All Alone

    Here All Alone
    Dont Know Where To Go
    My Mind Is All Blank
    I Have Fallen So Low... more »

  • I Do

    Here In My Head
    Im Dreaming Of You
    Dreaming About The Day I'll Say I Do
    Wont It Be Great... more »

  • I Tried

    Here is my confession
    My confession of this depression...

    I try so hard everyday... more »

  • My Tell Tale

    I Have This Secret
    This One I Think You Know
    I Cant Help To Tell
    But I Know That I Cant Spell... more »

  • Oh, Why

    Am I all alone
    In this world of my own
    How will I survive
    With out you by my side... more »

  • Please

    Im all alone
    Sitting on my own
    No one around me
    No one can see me... more »

  • Sorrow Letter

    Im Sorry To All My Friends
    Im Such A Sucker,
    For Something That Will Probley Hurt Me So Bad
    Its Gonna Drive Me Mad,... more »

  • Sorry

    To my friend
    It's my fault you descend
    The nights you died
    I lied... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    Here I sit in the corner of my room
    Hearing your voice in my head
    Trusting every word you said
    But somewhere inside... more »

  • To Me

    My insanity
    Is wat keeps me, me
    How can I be
    Someone else, but me... more »

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar
    How I Wonder, How Deep You Are
    Press The Blade Slice It Slow
    The Beat Of Your Heart... more »

  • What You Did

    Here in the world you live
    Where you think everyone hates you,
    Your family your friends and even your boyfriend,
    They all yell and scream at you... more »

  • When Im Gone

    My Life Has Fallen Apart,
    That Im Drowning In My Bath,
    I Watch My Life Fly Pass,
    Like A Film Clip In the Air,... more »

  • Why

    Why Am I So Depressed
    Why Cant I Just Forget
    Why Cant I Slit My Wrist
    And Write An Apologising List... more »