• Accidents Happen!

    No matter where I go accidents happen
    Normally because am too busy yappin
    I try my best not to fall
    Gravity always makes the final call... more »

  • Follow Your Dreams!

    Losing your dreams makes u realise what are actually dreams and what you can make a reality.
    Dreams are not held back by not having the right grades or life skills but the impossibility to achieve them.
    They are not held back by others but own lack of determination.
    The thought you can’t do something when you actually can.... more »

  • Future Ambitions

    Believing in yourself is the key
    You can do it just wait and see
    Always aim high and aim for the top
    If you really want it you won’t stop... more »

  • Inspiration

    Your their when everything goes wrong and i need a shoulder to cry on
    When things go right your first to share the news
    The way you make sure im the best i am no matter what
    The way you correct me when i dont always get my wording right... more »

  • Live Life

    Every day I wake up wondering what today will bring
    Its an mystery waiting to happen and that’s the thing
    Take life for the moment and value everyone around
    Love your friends and family, laughter is the sound... more »

  • Make It Stop

    Sitting alone scared in the dark
    Hoping it stop with all your heart
    Praying to be saved day after day
    Hoping it will just go away... more »

  • Rafting Panic!

    It’s starting to cover over your face
    Your heart gets faster picking up pace
    You can’t reach the top you struggle to breathe
    It drags you under through the rocks you weave... more »

  • The Greener Side Of Life

    As a child you can’t wait to be big and as an adult you wish you were a child again.
    Rather than live for the moment you cease moment’s that have past or are yet to come
    Always looking for the greener side of the grass as what you have is never enough
    Searching for a way to be accepted or to escape from the day to day reality... more »