• Betrayal

    I trusted you so much
    And you broke my trust.
    Never once thinking
    About how it would break my heart... more »

  • Until I Met You…

    I thought life was wonderful
    Until I met you.
    I thought life was all about
    Sunshine and language,... more »

  • Upon A Wishing Star…

    Upon a wishing star…
    I wished for you.
    Upon a wishing star,
    I wish happiness to you.... more »

  • You And I

    Pitter and patter the rain falls,
    On the window panes of our house.
    The chills and damp are but oblivious
    To us, sitting with each other.... more »

  • You Are Always There…

    You are always there,
    Somewhere in the corner of my heart.
    Waiting in the shadows and darkness
    Of memories gone by.... more »