• A Little Time

    I want to give myself a little time.
    And I find that time in you...
    & may be after escaping this world,
    i'l choose to stay the rest with you..... more »

  • A Lot..

    There's a lot to say,
    & a lot to listen.
    A lot to pray,
    For so many reasons...... more »

  • A New Life Has Born

    How bad that was with me
    and how worst it is now
    the only darkest of dream
    and this isn't as strong... more »

  • Ashamed

    Its not me,
    Its not my soul,
    I'm sorry, I can not,
    not me,... more »

  • Being Lost

    Lost in the city crowd
    lost in their noise
    I like it being lost
    I like it no one can recognize.... more »

  • Birds Know The Sky

    There doesn't lie the bird
    on her nest, she hasn't given birth...
    Flying with the other
    collecting twigs and constructing home...... more »

  • Dark

    So dark my poem reflects.
    So dark its inside me.
    This condition, to which
    I've just met,... more »

  • Explain

    No, its not like the way you think,
    let me explain, let me speak..
    your questions are crowding me,
    let my answers walk freely..... more »

  • Fairy Like Mother

    My life took birth
    in the evening of that day.
    Mothers smile filled my way.... more »

  • Fights In Love

    No, don't you ever say,
    don't you ever leave me like that,
    Say no one cares the way you do,
    and no one hurts more then you do,... more »

  • Go

    You should better go and write up on some wall,
    That you're leaving this planet soon.
    Because your residing on that land, which is not made for you.
    Go, jump off the cliff, or choose to fly off from there.... more »

  • Happiness Knocked At Your Door Before

    Happiness knocked at your door before it could knock at mine.
    You got your part of color from the rainbow, I am still colorblind.
    And you hold on to your cheerful day, a bright light has shown.
    mine its still dark, the day, the feelings, the people still mourn.... more »

  • Heart Beats..

    I've felt your heart beat,
    it takes a name, my name.
    And every beat of your heart
    matches my heart beat.... more »

  • How I Want To Live..

    I don't want to live with your memories, my whole life.
    I want to live with you, if you know, by my side.

    I don't want to live with my eyes closed, black and white.... more »

  • How To Write?

    Sad memories of a life
    teaches one
    how to write.
    The inner conflicts,... more »

  • How We Meet..

    This is how it grows..

    Like two droplets in river we flow..... more »

  • I Am A Leaf

    I am a leaf
    a dry beautiful leaf,
    I am taken with the breeze
    to my lovely dream.... more »

  • I Am Afraid....

    ... more »

  • I Think

    I think
    The world is small and the ideas are big,
    Thoughts are short and long are the speeches.
    I think the year is reduced by the plans we make,... more »

  • I Think He Knows...

    I think he knows,
    the seed of his love in me, grows..
    and every time i look at him
    i wish if he could just smile..... more »

  • I Want A Way Out..

    I want a way out of my problems
    and i cry everyday for a solution
    i pray, i pray long,
    wondering that someone would listen.... more »

  • I Want To Be With You....

    I walk alone to my home wondering if you ok,
    I walk slow, take small steps in the rain.
    Want to return to you so that I can be with you.... more »

  • I'M Missing You!

    Only God knows how much I am missing you..
    And so,
    he'll end this yearning soon.... more »

  • Its Been So Many Years From Now..

    Its been so many years from now,
    and the world has changed since,
    the ruthless invaders broke the homes,
    in which the innocent people lived.... more »

  • Its The Smile!

    Along the ocean.
    On the boat.
    On an empty road.
    In the fog.... more »