• 2 Dimes Ego Trip

    sexy as hell
    with my light skin
    havin these boyz all in... more »

  • Am I Really Free?

    I am free
    Free because I found you
    You put a smile on my face
    My face was full of suffering caused by abuse... more »

  • Chinese Proverb

    tell me and i'll forget
    show me and i may remember
    involve me and i'll understand... more »

  • Dead 2 Me

    my first love
    it was you that i thought was sent from the heavens above
    it was you i called my soul mate
    my best friend the only one to whom i could relate... more »

  • Many Men

    so many guys have come into my life
    not one has decided to make me his wife
    i sit here waiting patiently to see
    only to discover a wife i may never be... more »

  • Mistaken Identity

    i am a woman of many things
    my style is rare
    dare not compare
    me to others... more »

  • Only You

    only you
    can make me bite my tongue
    i sit and think boy this man has got me sprung... more »

  • The One

    the one
    being a adult i realize
    things don't always harmonize
    nothing is ever how you want it to be... more »

  • To My Soulmate, Chris

    I sit here in a daze wondering what to do without you.

    With each kiss you bring me close.
    I open my heart as you tell me you love me the most.... more »

  • What Type Of Friend Are You?

    Let me identify...
    Simple friends have never seen you cry. Real friends are on standby.
    A Best friend make you feel better whenever you talk.... more »

  • Who Cares

    why do i write
    not for your pleasure
    only to put my pain out of sight... more »

  • You Only Get One

    i wanted to write to my mother
    to tell her how much i love her
    but as i sat in a daze
    i was unable to find the right catch phrase... more »