KNM Kismore Nelson Matsvange 18 August 1995

Kismore Nelson Matsvange
[[Kismore Nelson Matsvange]] is a boy born on the 18th of August 2016. He was born in a family of four children him being the last born. He started his creche school at a school by the name Sally Mugabe creche. Being successful and a graduate the he went on to Hwiru primary school all these schools being in Masvingo. He studied at Hwiru till grade six and for his love of school and greatness he was moved to the capital city of Zimbabwe Harare. He learnt at Kudzanai primary school. From Kudzanai he went on to high school at Highfield High one.
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If you associate with wolves you will learn how to howl but if you associate with eagles you will learn how to fly to greater heights ~ Kismore Nelson Matsvange
Kismore Nelson Matsvange (Nellah)

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