I haven't been published or anything cool like that, I've just always loved writing. It started with rap music, I loved the way words just flowed together... interacting and intertwining with such ease and grace. It amazed me how simple letters grouped together can evoke such strong emotions in people. I guess you can say I'm an artist, but I'd say I'm more in love with art of all kinds. I've always had a tendency to voice my opinion in very detailed ways, even when I was a little kid, and I guess writing is just a way for me to do that in a more productive way. I hope you enjoy my writing, and I love constructive criticism. Have at it fellow poets.


Kitti Manson Poems

I'M Contageous, Kiss Me.

I'm Contageous,
Anything But Flawless,
Don't You Want To Touch This?... more »

Rational Reasoning (On Atheism)

Atheism is the best cure for your disease,
Put your constant need to please 'God' at ease.
Let you relax a little, put your mind at peace,
Your soul will be officially freed.... more »

Cycle Of Love

Summertime, fields covered in snow.
How you confuse me so.
It's too much,
Increasing with every single touch.... more »

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Gary Fellows 07 Dec 2008 05:42
Great Poetry Kitty. I like your 'from the heart' style and power it gives. I have rated a some of them 10 and especially like Rational Reasoning. All the best Gary Fellows