• A Good Girl

    A Good Girl
    She seemed to be good,
    ugly in the make,
    stuck to madnessI... more »

  • A Good Man

    A Good Man

    One you should treasure, but not as a possession,
    Who needs to be loved, not treated with aggression.... more »

  • A Whisper


    In the dark of the night... more »

  • About A Friend


    A friend,... more »

  • African Lady

    African lady

    When am gone, you are here
    When am here, you are gone... more »

  • African Song

    African song

    The star's on the sky, and the dust's on the floor,
    And the head has a thought that is thoughtless... more »

  • Always Loving

    Vikings sing within raging seas
    turbulent undergarments dance... more »

  • Am Sick Of This

    Am Sick of This.

    Why do you keep going on like everything's okay?
    Treating me the way you do like it's a normal day.... more »

  • Am Yours


    am yours, surely lost in you,
    Not lost, but found, although I long to be... more »

  • And She Thinks


    i would
    but l wont... more »

  • At Your Heart

    Tonight its cold my love?
    Where are u?
    It's true my heart is torn apart
    When you are not with me... more »

  • 'Black Or White'

    'Black or white'

    Open your eyes, the evil is always black... more »

  • Church


    Us, them
    walls, words... more »

  • Closed Heart

    I had locked the door and tossed the key
    as hard, and as far as I could,
    I had closed the door upon my heart
    And wouldn't let anyone in,... more »

  • Cries Of Guilty

    Cries of guilty.

    Shame upon my eyes
    drops of fear causing shakes of my tongue,... more »

  • Faith


    thoughts... more »

  • 'Heaven'


    long I thought it was the sky... more »

  • Her Beauty

    Her Beauty

    Your great eyes slay at mine
    Your beauty shakes me;... more »

  • Her Music

    Her Music

    They tried to sound like her
    for my listening:... more »

  • How Deep Is My Love


    If i think, i think of her
    if i see, i see her... more »

  • I Believe

    Life May Perish,
    Life May End,
    Our Soul We May Give,
    Our Soul We May Spend,... more »

  • I Thought

    I Thought
    I thought
    love is beauty, but
    a quiet rhyme, but... more »

  • I Will

    I WILL

    When you are gone, am always with you,
    far away, am always by your side,... more »

  • Inner Soul


    A man who fears nothing... more »

  • It Doesn'T Make Sense

    Deep down in the valley; behind the closed door,
    walking down its alley
    Try as I may, still it seems to be
    I fall short in accomplishing my goal... more »