• Johnny Went To Hollywood

    Johnny went to Hollywood
    Said he’s gonna be a star
    Things didn’t turn out so good
    Johnny’s livin’ in his car... more »

  • Love Thy Neighbor

    Jesus said a lot of things, Mohammed said them, too
    Moses went to the mountaintop, Dr. King did, too
    But, no one really listened to them
    Instead they put their pictures on the wall... more »

  • Power Over Me

    You said the right words
    You looked the right way
    I looked your direction
    I ‘ll never look away... more »

  • Same Ol' Things Happen Over And Over

    Here you come again breaking my heart again
    Wouldn’t feel so bad about it if I could live without it
    I’d look the other way but, that won’t change yesterday
    Wouldn’t feel so bad about it if you didn’t brag about it... more »

  • Space People

    Have you heard of the people who live in the skies?
    (I think I seen ‘em)
    Some of them are short with big round black eyes
    (I never seen them)... more »

  • The Right To Lose

    The cold wind blows like Christmastime
    The icy chill goes to your bones
    If heaven had a plan, it didn’t include you
    When you got a right to lose... more »

  • Time To Stop Starting Over Again

    How’d we get started on this merry-go-round?
    Your horse is up
    When my horse is down
    We keep goin’ ‘round in circles... more »

  • Worst Mistake

    I made the worst mistake of my life
    I ignored all the warnin’ signs
    I made a hard left when I shoulda turned right
    And made the worst mistake of my life... more »

  • Zip Code 666

    I hate the weather
    I hate the cold
    I hate the empty dusty roads
    I hate the trees without no leaves... more »