• Epigram - Motion

    Epigram- Motion

    Breath breath
    Out I go,... more »

  • Epigram - Reality


    Reality!... more »

  • Epigram -Hooray..

    ... more »

  • Epigram- Revolution

    ... more »

  • Epigram- Sight

    Epigram- Sight

    Short is my sight,
    Tall is my height,... more »

  • Epigram- Theory

    Epigram- Theory

    'Oh people animal species,
    what good can I do you... more »

  • My Self Talk In Dialogue

    My Self Talk in Dialogue
    Self talks happen all the time, except in dreams only, because I haven’t experienced it before or should I rather say ‘not yet’ if it’s possible. They occur indoors and outdoors, until one really notices that one has been talking to oneself, one would agree with me. It’s neither a bad thing nor a good thing either, depending on which side you are and how you’re feeling, but besides, good or bad, you are the decider.

    To refresh your mind further, you as a third party to my writings, could be reading or listening, either way, you are communicating with my thoughts, and somewhere among my speech would disagree with me, and being so, you cannot say it to my face for some reasons unknown but then rather you would be responding in a manner that only you knows what you’re saying. It’s like talking to a shy parent on sex, most probably he/she would try being professional at first side, and perhaps might feel free as you proceed but surely you as a youth would obviously engage in a self talk, more like your eyes saying ‘what the…’, good or bad, you are the decider.... more »