Kola Tubosun Biography

I was born in Ibadan. I grew up and schooled there. Except for occasional travels, I am based in the old but famous South Western Nigerian town. I have schooled in Nigeria and Kenya. In 2009, I will be studying in the United States on a Fulbright grant. I work as a freelance linguist, and journalist. Some of my poems have won a few poetry prizes, one of which is the Sentinel Poetry Challenge (of November 2006) for 'Home, returning' in October 2006. I won the Christopher Okigbo Prize for poetry in 2004 with the poem, 'Creation Story'

I am a part time editor at www.author-me.com, freelance journalist at www.igwatala.instablogs.com and an absentee blogger at www.igwatala.blogspot.com

Follow me on Twitter, at www.twitter.com/baroka