A Post Graduate in English Literature and Language, a Poet and Author of two books of Poems, a teacher of English for under a decade, a lover of simplicity and a seeker of truth.


Komarraju Venkata Vinay Poems

Musings By Sea: Memories

The long winter-nights of separation
Are now mere photographs
In the dusty album of past memories;
The present moments of warm togetherness... more »

Musings By Sea: Friendship

As only light can dispel darkness,
As only love can drive away hate,
As only fragrance can draw the bees,
Only friends true can dispel loneliness... more »

Musings By Sea: Creativity

From a fallen log a wonder to make
From a withered leaf a lesson to take
On a moonless night the stars to count
To draw faith from the rocks of doubt... more »

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Comments about Komarraju Venkata Vinay

Irma Shisutha 31 Mar 2006 11:46
I sincerely believe that poetry is an expression of the inner self and you have done that wonderfully. When verses flow from the heart, from the soul, they dont need any comments from anyone. They are flawless. Yet i would like to say... I read all your poems that have been put up in the site. You poeted on different feelings/emotions. You mentioned that one part of your poems are your love for your radha. How about one for family....parents, et al? I would look forward for one on that. Good Luck and God Bless! !
G. Murdock 30 Nov 2005 04:10
we write for feedback as a scream is answered with concern. What you write is gold if it finds you content. If when you rise from your writing and a note rings like a bell in the silence of contentment then you have accomplished that which you set about to create. You will not need the admiration of anyone to know this. Poetry is an inner process a condition of the inner predicament. I am no different from you in as much as my feelings are that of you as a human being. I crave, I satisfy, I sleep
Jayashri K 23 Nov 2005 11:57
Your poems abound in a maturity of thoughts i had begun to think was lost to the world...you are bound to go places as a poet.Keep writing Vinay...i wish you the very best in life...