• Love Songs Of Radha And Krishna 6

    I cannot endure
    Love’s violence.
    I fear his embrace.
    Hide me friends.... more »

  • Love Songs Of Radha And Krishna 7

    He came yester night
    Or did I dream
    That I melted, all?
    Or did it seem?... more »

  • Love Songs Of Radha And Krishna 8

    He is rough, that cowherd,
    That rustic boy.
    With raw strength he crushes
    Love’s tender joy.... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Agony

    An aching heaviness fills the anxious heart
    And slowly spreads into every living sinew.
    All life must pass through this hungry hour
    Hungry for love and for that tender touch... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Candle

    She stood, her face wondrously lit
    Calm, confident and courage aglow
    As her fiery radiance battled with darkness.
    She knew she would be cast aside unthanked... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Country

    My hallowed land needs
    Not muscles alone but manliness
    Not passion but patience:
    More than sympathy she needs sacrifice.... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Creativity

    From a fallen log a wonder to make
    From a withered leaf a lesson to take
    On a moonless night the stars to count
    To draw faith from the rocks of doubt... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Death

    All must pass through the fire of Death
    The rich, the poor, the sick, the well;
    Not all the wood of possessions
    Nor all the oil of pride and riches... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Evening

    Is this the end or a new dawn?
    The heart-besoftening colours spread
    Over the vast kingdom of the sky-
    My thought-birds rest... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Faith

    All the world may disown you
    And fate may let loose her hounds of hunger
    The gods may guide you to ruin
    And throw you down the cliff of criticism... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Forgiving

    The thorn stabs the soft heart-depths
    And lodges there its violent barb;
    The heart in pain writhes in silence
    Lest any behold her bleeding tears.... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Friendship

    As only light can dispel darkness,
    As only love can drive away hate,
    As only fragrance can draw the bees,
    Only friends true can dispel loneliness... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Happiness

    What joy can stand the blows of time
    That fall with the weight of death and decay?
    The earth-born must unto earth return
    Sans life, sans love, sans all happiness-... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Memories

    The long winter-nights of separation
    Are now mere photographs
    In the dusty album of past memories;
    The present moments of warm togetherness... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Toil

    The world is no place for you my brethren
    It’s so callous, so heartless, so dreary.
    It’s no place for you my brethren
    Who know not the sweetness of toil... more »

  • Musings By Sea: Twilight

    As the day and night alloy into twilight
    A stirring turbulence strikes my heart.
    The soul watches what is not
    And in sympathy identifies with it.... more »