• Epitaph For A Shepherdess

    Beloved maidens! Playful and carefree,
    You sing, you dance and frolic in the glades.
    I, too, once dwelt in gay Arcadia,
    I, too, in early days found moments... more »

  • Know'st Thou What Gray Methuselah

    Know'st thou what gray Methuselah
    Pronounced when parting with this life?
    Man's born a slave,
    He dies a slave,... more »

  • My Inspiration

    O recollection of the heart! You're stronger
    Than reason's cheerless recollection.
    Your sweetness oft
    Enchants me in a far-off land.... more »

  • Odysseus' Fate

    Through horrors of land and horrors of sea
    Bereft and wandering, Odysseus,
    God-fearing wretch, sought Ithaca;
    Unfaltering, he plunged into the gloom of Hades;... more »

  • Recovery

    As a wild flower hangs its head and wilts
    Beneath the reaper's killing scythe,
    Ill, I awaited my untimely end
    And thought: the fateful hour's nigh.... more »

  • Tasso Dying

    What festival is ancient Rome preparing?
    Where flow the crowds in noisy waves?
    Why these aromas, myrrh's sweet smoke
    And censers all around abrim with fragrant herbs?... more »

  • The Farewell

    BENT o'er his sabre, torrents starting
    From his dim eyes, the bold hussar
    Thus greets his cherish'd maid, while parting
    For distant fields of war:... more »

  • The Friend's Shadow

    Sunt aliquid manes; letum non omnia finit;
    Luridaque evictos effugit umbra rogos.
    _ __... more »

  • The Prisoner

    THERE, where the swift Rhone's waters flow
    Its verdant banks between;
    Where fragrant myrtles bending grow,
    And Rhone reflects their green;... more »