• - We Are The Africans

    We are the Africans
    We rose with the sun and fell with the rain,
    Stood with the hills
    And danced with the forest-... more »

  • **the Konye Obaji Ori (United Africa) Manifesto**

    ... more »

  • A Good Person Of Setzuan

    I am Shan Teh, the sugar of Setzuan
    and I am Shui Ta, its bitter herb
    But as I am licked,
    It is my commerce that dies of diabetes... more »

  • A Lost Dynasty (A Call To The Children Of Africa)

    With our roots firmly in the soil-
    we shall grow like the Iroko tree, to the pride of the forest
    In the plague of our night-
    we shall cry like crickets and ribbit like frogs... more »

  • A Winter Break

    Every night- was another winter night
    And the artic glacier was my bed
    It took for ever -for those nights to break into day.... more »

  • A Worrying African Child

    Was hope here only when the Amazon queen Nzhinga
    and Nehanda, the Mbuya, of Zimbabwe fought to shield us from slave ships?

    Was pride gone after Yaa Asantewa addressed the chiefs... more »

  • Anything But A Poem

    I am a hot dropp of tear rolling down
    a saddened cheek; soaking this page
    as life hits you hard-
    I am not a poem... more »

  • As The Pine Cypress Tree Would Say

    I want to be like the Cassia tree-
    The Cassia tree by the river side
    I want to be like the Cassia tree
    firmly rooted in the soil inside... more »

  • Been In Bed With Success

    He had shared a bed with success,
    Heaven-kissing hills bowed at his feet.
    He had grown taller than height,
    his head scraped the sky when he strode.... more »

  • Crying 'Africa'

    Once the color of the night,
    graced in starry skies

    The full moon left little to wonder... more »

  • Dance Of A God

    Life is beating the Ayara-Ekomo drum-
    And I am dancing like the priestess of the river
    possessed by the mermaid spirit of Anansa-... more »

  • Echoes From Umofia

    The priestess has abandoned the shrine
    The gods have been bundled for sacrifice
    The ancestors are trapped in the world of the spirits
    Kola nuts no longer have the yam god salivate... more »

  • Empty Nest

    A smile; rooted in the soul,
    Curving around the heart like a vine
    Sprouted in the face of a baby drunk with joy
    And in those eyes in high spirits... more »

  • Even Eagles Cannot See

    Will South Africans let 27 years of Madiba Mandela’s
    life wash down the Orange River like an orange peel?

    Will the naked witty words that land on the Afro-beats of... more »

  • In The Daze Of Our Youth

    Our hearts pumped folly,
    but folly to us was glory
    The sign read “unto the pharynx of death, ”
    but to our shaded eyes it was “life at its brim.”... more »

  • It Rains

    In the sky, the clouds gathered,
    and earth exhaled.
    And like a tree in the autumn winds my heart swayed.
    I trembled at the darkness that fell... more »

  • Long African Night

    I lay there on that rat-shredded raffia mat;
    my thoughts running through the bush paths
    to meet my dreams at the bottom of the Iroko tree.... more »

  • My Rotting Land

    I am from a land;
    a land where blood is shed over air and water.
    From a land where rain and shine enter our shelters uninvited... more »

  • Old Cry

    Once a future of gold
    Now a future untold
    Behold- the sun is cold
    and in sorrow we fold.... more »

  • Our Uncompleted Walls

    With his hands tied behind his back
    with Legislative-ropes of twine
    and his lips sealed with black Judiciary-paper tape
    the Fatherland is at the mercy of his Executive-captors.... more »

  • Secret Of The Sun

    Raised by the bare bones of nature’s grace,
    my home held hands with the feral forest,
    where nature hid her gold.... more »

  • The Coat Of Arms (Nig.)

    It is as though,
    that black shield that once protected us
    from the spears of dearth
    is rusted and shattered-... more »

  • The Mandrake

    I am vice, conceived by the
    presumed power of the mandrake
    I am the fruit that avarice and manners had produced
    Yet desperation calls me son... more »

  • The Oracle Of The Witch Doctors

    The witch doctors say-
    the lands fortune bag
    carries a curse on the people... more »

  • When Night Falls

    As night falls, the cool breeze comes; humming a grey tune
    and the craven evening sun stealthily seeks refuge behind the clouds.

    As night falls, twilight betrays light.... more »