• Better Me

    I don't want to be with you
    except if im feeling you, I
    I dont want to be with you,
    except if I'm breathiing you,... more »

  • Forbidden

    On the second rising of the sun
    and its third setting,
    your voice will lull me to sleep.
    That's all I have to look for-... more »

  • My Hearts Orchestra

    My heart orchestra
    has learnt a new tune
    it plays it daily.... more »

  • Release Me

    Grounded to the back seat of my life, failing to seize the moment and free my self from this prison, I am at the mercy of my captor.
    Not a knight by any call, only an opportunist.

    Shredding me of my clothes of pride, relieving me of my heart, he in turn plays the optimist and seizes what is good for him from this situation.... more »

  • You

    You think I can't live without you.
    You think you're
    irreplaceable,... more »