Kostas Lagos Comments (17)

Kostas Lagos, is one of the very few poets on this site who write intriguing poems. His poems are simple yet full of wisdom. I wish him very best and hope he will keep writing such enlightening poems.
Kostas Lagos....a good and kind poet....my dear friend.. God bless you .//
A gifted poet. I always enjoy reading your poems. Thank you for inspiring. Keep writing your amazingly meaningful poems that need no verbosity.
Hello, Keep writing your amazing works, you are a skillful poet, you know how to use words economically in your poem, always we wait for new and creative writing from you in both languages.. Thanks for sharing with us your inspirations.. wish you every success
Thank you all for your comments. Linda Stearns, of course you can
I am printing one of my woodblocks as a card and would like to use the poem " Turtle" which is very short. May I? Thank you,
Congratulations on being selected as Poet.of the day.
A poet of light with beautiful words, and a stroke of genuis that makes poetry poetic.
Dear Kostas has written poetry for all. If you do not read his beautiful words you are a fool.
Full of poetic originality and zest, Dear Kostas Lagos, Is one of our most original bards And among those, we love, the best.